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Most of my candid photography comes from following some of the foxhunts and the organized packs of basset hounds and beagles in northern Virginia.

You can find detailed information about products and services, and articles about photography and individual essays on my blog.

If you are looking for the latest pictures of a hound show, a race, or a hunt meet, you will find them in the Virginia Hunting Diary.

Looking for foxhunting Christmas cards? Visit the greeting card shop for hounds, hunting, vintage, and other cards. The note card shop offers stationary and holiday cards as well. You can also find cards on hunting with basset hounds, beagles, and even bloodhounds, as well as cards of the lovely Virginia countryside and wildlife.

Keep the pictures of hunting always in front of you with CDs holding bundles of images in the CD shop. There you can pick up screensavers, wallpaper, and images for digital photo frames.

In addition to items in the shop, you can turn any photo into prints, Xmas cards, and other stationary & gifts. Just open the photo, add it to the shopping cart, and follow the instructions.

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I am available for foxhunting, horse, hound, livestock, and other animal or event photography. Please contact me for further details.
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A Virginia Hunting Diary

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