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These photos are posted here for enthusiasts of sighthounds including, but not limited to, salukis, tazys, sloughis, Azawakh, Afghans, greyhounds, and all other dogs of interest such as aboriginal breeds.

Each contributor has a gallery and owns the copyrights to the photographs therein. Please do not copy any of these photos without the express permission of the copyright holder.

If you would like assistance contacting a gallery contributor, or you would like to have a gallery for your own contributions, please contact me.

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Organizations, News, References:
Aboriginal Afghan Hounds
Afghan Gait
Afghan Hounds Australia
Bahkmull-Afghan Standard
British Dogs (1879)
Chinese Sighthounds
Dogs of China and Japan (1921)
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Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Breeders & owners with galleries:
Almoldovar (Sloughi, Galgo, Caucasian ovcharka)
Claybrook (Whippet, Galgo, Appalachian Greyhound)
Elisabeth Bräuer (Afghan, Saluki)
High-Lonesome Hounds (Lurcher, Longdog, Staghound)
Lorrequer Salukis
Lorrequer Gallery (Lin Hawkyard)
Lynx Borzoi (and a tiger)
Melekush (Tazi)
Melik Salukis
Midbar Salukis
Middleasian Greyhound Tazi
Minois (Cretan Hound)
Moscow Univ Sighthounds (Chortaj, Borzoi, Stepnois)
Moshire Salukis
Sergey Ivanov (Taigan)
Shi'Rayan Salukis
Tamarisk Salukis
Tepe Gawra Salukis

Vladimir Beregovoy

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Vladimir Beregovoy

Steve Bodio

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Created 6-Aug-09
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Steve Bodio

Sir Terence Clark

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Sir Terence Clark

Marjorie Cooke

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Created 4-Aug-09
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Marjorie Cooke

Andrey Kovalenko

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Andrey Kovalenko

Micaela Lehtonen

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Micaela Lehtonen

Sari Mantila

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Sari Mantila

Karen Myers & David Zincavage

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Karen Myers & David Zincavage

Wolfgang Regar

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Wolfgang Regar

Jutta Ruebesam

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Jutta Ruebesam

Herb Wells

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Created 18-Aug-09
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