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Woodford Hounds
PO Box 123
Keene, Kentucky 40339
Established 1981.
Registered 1982.
Recognized 1984.

The Country consists of four separate areas.

South Woodford County is 7 by 4 miles bissected by Clear Creek and tributaries, moderately wooded and trappy. Jumps are coops and stone walls.

Lincoln County is 4 by 4 miles bordered by the Dix River. Rolling crop and pasture land with a number of large wooded areas. Jumps are coops.

Mercer County has rolling pastures with stone walls and is dissected by Shawnee Run and borders the Kentucky River.

Nelson County is 7000 acres of woodland with logging trails and no jumping.

01 - Hunter Trial Field - Joint Meet w/Old Dominion Hounds (12/2/2010)

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